Why is Working Capital Important in a Business Sale Transaction?

The calculation of working capital requirements can be a little cumbersome, and as such it’s a topic that many business owners have a problem grasping. Working capital is the “blood” of a business and measures liquidity to indicate the company’s short-term health. It is the cash that the business must have on hand to pay its current liabilities. These include … Read More

A Storm Warning: Preparing Your Business for Sale in Advance of the Seller Tsunami

Unlike an unexpected earthquake which produces a devastating Tsunami without warning, the Seller Tsunami is one that we have advanced warning for. What does it mean for business owners planning their exit to sell their business? Quite simply the Seller Tsunami refers to the large number of Baby Boomer-owned businesses which will be sold in the coming years. The Baby Boomer … Read More

How to Begin Planning for Life After the Sale of Your Business

Business owners, like most people, generally do not have a written plan for their future. They under-plan their personal affairs even more egregiously than their business affairs at a time where planning is becoming more important than ever.  Planning your exit begins with planning for your future life after the sale of your business. The following are some tips for … Read More

Why Credentials Matter When Working with a Business Broker in Colorado

When it comes time to How to Sell a Business  and getting into the very process of it, most business owners will eventually turn their attention to the internet to locate a business broker or business intermediary. They will undoubtedly discover that there are scores to choose from. All tout their experience, past success, and promise to get the highest … Read More

How Do Business Brokers Determine the ‘Value of a Business’?

The Business Brokerage industry uses a set of standards to determine the value of a business which many times is quite different than what your accountant may tell you. When Business Brokers speak about the value of your business, they are specifically referring to what is the likely selling price range of a business. While we are experts in determining … Read More

Does Selling Your Business During The Pandemic Make Any Sense?

Uncertainty rules the day during this global pandemic with no concrete end in sight. Economies have been devasted with unprecedented unemployment and an underlying fear for those who are lucky to still have gainful employment. Dreams have been put on hold and nowhere has this been more evident than for business owners who had planned to sell their business in … Read More

8 Reasons Why Your Business May Never Sell and How to Fix Them

I am a big believer in telling business owners who want to sell their business the absolute truth about the likelihood of their business selling. We have always had great success in selling ‘good’ and ‘great’ businesses. These are businesses which tend to check all of the boxes buyers are looking for. The following list of reasons why a business … Read More

Importance of knowing the valuation of a company

When we talk about the whole transaction that two parties indulge in, we find many aspects of it answered, like strategic purposes involved, point to consider before getting into this transaction and much more. What we have struggle finding, is what we as customers really want to know. Although it is important for every individual who’s searching an interested buyer … Read More

IBBA Presents Gregg Kunz with the Chairman’s Circle Award

(Denver, CO) The International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) has recognized Denver business broker, Gregg Kunz, with the Chairman’s Circle Award for exceptional achievement in 2019 as part of its Member Excellence Awards Program. “IBBA Excellence Awards are bestowed upon member business brokers who conduct a considerable amount of business sale transactions in a calendar year,” explained Executive Director, Kylene Golubski. … Read More