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As their last and most important sales representative, clients trust us to manage the entire selling process including: defendable price valuations, confidential management of proprietary information, and the highest-value exit.

We have the experience to ensure a positive outcome – even in very complex transactions.

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  • Our client relationships are founded on respectful listening, objective feedback, and dogged advocacy to help them achieve the outcomes they have earned
  • Clients depend on us because we are organized, responsive, and straightforward in all communications, follow-ups, and actions. This always leads to successful closes
  • Our unique and proven marketing strategies ensure quicker sales at superior prices because client’s businesses are packaged and presented only to qualified buyers
  • The business sale process always includes unexpected issues. We anticipate, identify, and creatively resolve problems that will emerge during negotiations and due diligence. This ensures successful closings

If you’ve been thinking, “Maybe it’s time to sell my business,” you likely have a lot of questions; after all, selling a business is, in most cases, a once-in-a-lifetime event. Navigating the process of selling a business is complex and can include both financial and emotional stress. At Rocky Mountain Business Advisors, as experienced business advisors, we know what to expect, and we prepare in advance for the multitude of questions from the buyer, their advisors, banks, and landlords. We have the expertise to ensure a positive outcome – even in very complex transactions. So when you find yourself saying, “It’s time to sell my business,” you’ll know you’re in good hands.

As trusted intermediaries with years of M&A and business brokerage experience, we partner with business owners to ensure that we never lose sight of the goal – the highest sales price in the shortest amount of time possible, with a transaction structure that minimizes tax implications.

We create a smooth business sale process from start to finish by:
  • Thoroughly understanding your business financially and operationally
  • Directing our activities to target well-qualified buyers who can successfully buy your business
  • Negotiating to obtain the highest price possible at the most favorable terms
  • Minimizing distractions for you
  • Maintaining the complete confidentiality that a business sale always requires
  • Working with a sense of urgency until the sale of your business is completed
  • Protecting your legacy and working to find a good cultural fit
  • Protecting your company’s reputation
  • Coaching you to assemble critical documentation to support a successful transaction
  • Assisting and assembling an advisory team to help minimize tax impact

Rocky Mountain Business Advisors' Proven Process

Rocky Mountain Business Advisors' Proven Process

We Create a Smooth Business Sale Process from Start to Finish

Mergers and Acquisitions

For lower mid-market firms, (companies with revenues over $6 million), our Mergers and Acquisitions Team provides traditional M&A and strategic advisory services. We provide clients discrete, objective counsel, coupled with strategic valuation advice and innovative marketing of their businesses.

Our Process For Selling A Business

We believe that to best serve our clients, it’s necessary to identify and fully understand all objectives, as they relate to the sale of the business. Objectives can be concrete (i.e. e.g. maximizing transaction value) or intangible (e.g. ensuring employee positions). A thorough understanding of a client’s objectives, early in the process, helps identify potential obstacles to the completion of the business sale. It also helps us develop creative strategies to facilitate a successful sale of the business.

A Detailed Study Of The Business

We perform a detailed study of the client’s business to determine the company valuation, growth prospects, and value drivers, using standard metrics such as revenue and profit margins, expense trends, sales growth, and plant, property, and equipment values. We also consider the value of the brand, sales and marketing channels, the existence of proprietary products, technology, and processes, and whether a potential buyer could enhance any of these factors.

A Compelling Marketing Plan

We create a compelling marketing plan, and associated collateral, that communicate the entire scope of the opportunity for buyers.

Pre-Qualify Buyers

After we’ve documented objectives and completed the valuation and marketing plan, we identify and pre-screen potential buyers and reach out to them.

Negotiation for the Best Possible Outcome

Once we’ve engaged the potential buyer, we work tirelessly to negotiate the best possible terms for the sale of the business. When the term sheet is accepted by the buyer, we work with the buyer’s attorneys and accountants to complete the necessary documents for closing.