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Boomers Cause Real Estate Boom

The current business-selling marketing is booming—and we have baby boomers to thank.

Between the years 1946 and 1964, there was a sudden increase in births in the United States. Many who had put off starting a family through the Great Depression and World War II now saw an opportunity to do exactly that, prompting 76 million babies to be born in the US. This was known as the baby boom, and individuals born in that timeframe are commonly referred to as baby boomers.

Like any other generation, baby boomers have shaped our society throughout the past 70 some odd years, from the economy and workforce to the real estate market—and now, they’re doing it again.

As baby boomers approach senior age, many are nearing retirement, if not already retired. This means that a significant portion of workers are leaving the workforce, resulting in fewer workers and fewer businesses, but more real estate properties for lower prices. Additionally, with the current administration’s plan to increase capital gains tax in 2022 from 20% to 39.6%, boomer business owners are eager to sell their businesses.

Such phenomenons prompt unique opportunities for both business owners and commercial real estate investors alike—and Rocky Mountain Business Advisors is here to help ensure a successful transaction.

In the current climate, a business owner is likely to successfully sell their business in record time, while an investor is likely to have the opportunity to purchase a property of their choice for an affordable price. Whether you’re looking to sell your current business or buy a new business, our team of business advisors will help guide you towards the best solution, and ultimately, a profitable outcome.

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