Health & Wellness Med Spa
With Real Estate

Location: Denver Metro

Price: $1,495,000 Including Real Estate

Description: For over 13 years this Day & Med Spa has been recognized as Denver's most highly-rated provider of Massage, Acupuncture, and Medical Aesthetics services. Boasting over 5,000 active clients served by an attentive staff, the business has a tenured team in place allowing the owner to manage the business on a semi-absentee basis. The business successfully weathered the pandemic and has continued on its strong growth trajectory while earning the highest ratings for service to it's clientele.

This is an extremely attractive opportunity for an existing healthcare provider to expand their client base via the medical aesthetics (injectables) market which has seen unparalleled explosive growth across multiple age segments. With over 5000 clients drawn from the surrounding area this is yet another way for a physician to build the business with high margin procedures without adding additional staff.

The business is one of the first medical, wellness, and aesthetic spas in the state and is well-known for its client-centric approach to service excellence.

The business has attracted and maintained its staff by paying more than competitive wages with a focus on the staff being a part of a family and has experienced very low turnover before, during, and post-pandemic.

The Spa is focused on delivering whole body and mind wellness at competitively priced rates to both men and women in a serene and welcoming setting. The business owns and occupies it's building and will be sold together in one package. The new owner will enjoy a strong income with the free cash flow to service both the business and property debt. This means that in addition to the business providing an ample salary, the new owner will enjoy building equity in an historic building in a very desirable Central Denver neighborhood.

The Confidential Business Review (CBR) contains a complete overview of the business, 3-year financials, valuation methodology, and the critical lender financing view which enables a buyer to understand the financial aspects of the transaction for a successful acquisition.

Listing Number: 803

Revenue: $925,000 (2021 projected)

Seller’s Discretionary Earnings: $239,609

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