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Capital Gains Impact on Selling a Business

While the newly effective and slightly increased capital gains tax still secures business owners a higher return on the sale of a business than expected, experts warn that this could soon change, resulting in an increased capital gain tax rate and a decrease in a seller’s profits. Therefore, business owners who are looking to sell are encouraged to start the process now, as allowing ample time is key to a successful sale.

Testimonials From Our Clients

Gregg Kunz with Rocky Mountain Business Advisors willingly accepted our unique and targeted asset sale when other brokers walked away. Gregg planned and executed every phase of the process perfectly and professionally and we got the desired outcome that we were seeking! I would absolutely recommend Gregg to anyone that is looking for a broker

Pat Weber

Our business that sold consisted of three partners. Each partner was going in their own completely different direction of the other two. Jeff handled each one with kindness, respect, and professionalism. I know that had to be difficult, but Jeff Snell got it done. He’s the best! That’s why I would recommend him to anyone because he gets RESULTS!

Kenny Garman

Get a Broker Now, Sell Your Business in 2022

Considering the impending capital gains tax hike and industry changes, experts have dubbed 2022 as the year for selling a business—making right now the best time to engage with an experienced business broker. The sale of a business is contingent on many things, but is especially dependent on time, preparation, and positioning—aspects Rocky Mountain Business Advisors will guide you through, and ultimately, aspects that will lead to a successful sale.

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Valuing Your Business

With a booming business industry, it’s likely that the value of your business is significant. Rocky Mountain Business Advisors combine knowledge experts with trusted resources to estimate an accurate evaluation of your business and its assets. Once completed, we’ll guide you in developing and executing a complete plan to sell your business.

Selling Your Business
is Not a Retirement Plan

It’s important to note, however, that no matter the valuation of your business, you should never consider the potential profits as means of a retirement plan. Financially planning for the future is equally as important as prepping for the sale of a business. Rocky Mountain Business Advisors encourages sellers to pursue retirement planning in addition to their business transactions and not as a part of it.

Whether you’re considering selling your business because the circumstances are ideal or simply because you no longer want to manage employees, customers, and the many aspects of a business—the time to sell is now! Reach out to Rocky Mountain Business Advisors today to discover how we can prep you for a successful, profitable business sale.

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